Comenius Partnership

Kiviõli, Estonia - Iaşi, Romania - Shivachevo, Bulgaria - Kiziltepe, Turcia

Vatan Primary School - Kizitepe, Turkey

Ion Creangă School - Iaşi, Romania

George Karavelov High School - Shivachevo, Bulgaria

Kivioli 1. Secondary School - Kivioli, Estonia

The whole project has been designed in order to foster an attitude of tolerance and respect towards the different types of culture of the countries taking part in the project. 
The ultimate aim of the project is to create a feeling of coming together, free of prejudice, hostility, intolerance or xenophobia among students, teachers and the participating school communities. We believe that people can get together to discuss in a respectful way, reflect and share ideas and experiences.
This project is for students and teachers of secondary schools. Participants will collect and share information on how schools in European countries prepare students for lifelong learning. Students will compare possibilities of spending free time in healthy way taking part in sport activities. They will discuss of common concern (European culture, tolerance towards other cultures and people, differences and similarities of partner schools, history). They will also practice foreign languages, mother tongue, teamwork, IT.

Our final products

Funny Book

Funny book
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